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Wilfred's Barber Shop

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93 West Pearl Street
Nashua,New Hampshire.
United States,03060
(603) 880-8805

Wilfreds's Barber Shop was created when Wilfred Peloquin opened the shop in 1937, now under the hands of Marine Veteran David Pothier. Wilfreds has the true persona of classic, old time Barbering. Go back in time with your first step into Wilfreds. Old school Barber chairs ready to recline for a Straight- Razor shave and steam towels. A classy latherizer that creates warm foamy shaving lather.You will notice many other treasures of time when you step through Wilfreds. Wilfred's Barber Shop respects your requests and understands your needs, with the appropriate Barber License on hand, we strive for attention to detail and quality work compared to rushing through like corporate cuts.

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