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Explore Nashua and the surrounding neighborhood by reviewing the categories below. Just steps away from The Cotton Mill, you'll find the Nashua Library and several banking locations. A short stroll down Main Street, you'll also come to the Nashua City Hall.


Step out of The Cotton Mill, and you can quickly be walking on the miles of trails within the 325-acre Mine Falls Park. Also near The Cotton Mill, you'll find outstanding entertainment opportunities, from open air concerts at Greeley Park and community theatre on Court Street, and performances of the Nashua Symphony and Northern Ballet Theatre. Check our our interactive entertainment map and our interactive recreation map.

Schools and Educational Opportunities

Nashua is well served by public, private and faith-based schools and child care centers, many of them within a short drive of The Cotton Mill. Within just a few miles of The Cotton Mill, you'll find six colleges offering a wide range of educational opportunities.


The Manchester Boston Regional Airport is just 19 miles away from The Cotton Mill. Boston Logan International Airport is only 47 miles south and accessible by major highways. Nashua is served by city buses, and intercity bus services are also convenient to The Cotton Mill.


From fine food to delicious quick-meal options, downtown Nashua offers an outstanding range of restaurants within easy walking distance of The Cotton Mill. Browse our interactive dining map.


Residents of The Cotton Mill find it a pleasure to stroll and shop among the unique boutiques and shops along and near South Main Street. Within a few minutes drive from Clocktower, you'll find big-box retailers, grocery shopping and national department stores. Windowshop with our interactive shopping map.

Health and Fitness

With two fine regional hospitals and a wide range of sports and fitness facilities, including the Nashua Country Club, you'll find Nashua to be a great place to stay healthy and in shape.

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